Clases Particulares De Ingles Nativo Domicilio

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Clases Particulares De Ingles Nativo Domicilio

Usually no book, you are the lesson plan

I teach in a natural way using your life experience and your previous knowledge to connect with you in English. Maybe you have problems with pronunciation, verb phrases, or just trying to make sense out of how it fits together. I have a way of getting you to understand the differences and similarities between English and your native tongue. I cover a bit of logic and history to help unlock the stranger parts of the  English experience. Chances are excellent I can get you back on track. University and executive teaching experience as well as expositional speaker.

  For the high profile executive I can work off a company sign in account payable at the end of the month. Usually your immediate goals will be reached in weeks or months depending on your exact needs. If you are traveling to an English speaking appointment this preparation is absolutely essential.  Basic through advanced levels.  Dale


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